The “unhuman freak folk” is a logic consequence of the “post atomic folk & blues”.
Dither Craf presents his new music path, based by the use of weird acoustic instruments modified or hand made by himself (like the “Egg resonator guitar”, the “Eko Parlour Bike Guitar”, the “mandobanjo”, the “lap crafsteel” or the fretless acoustic guitar) music inspired by nature themes and human evolution.
This kind of music is a logic prosecution of preceding music style called “post atomic folk & blues” because he feel himself out from this kind of wasted world: he has passed outside from the old past music life.
Across this new music, he want drawing a border where the men of this time don’t have hope. Humanity prefers to refuge in stupid useless habits, capitalistic ways, destroing nature, the psyche, dignity, the animals, the paradise that was delivered us.

Dither Craf is now like a sort of special “homeless”, a nomad totally out from this imposed reality. His individualistic anarchism seems cynic sometimes but is a perfect way for save himself and announce the end of this humanity.

One day he said:
“To listen songs that tells about love, hope, hope for the future, you have million of preferences in music.
To listen an absolute truth about our destiny, people have only the Dither Craf’s freak folk.”



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