…at the diary board of Master Dither Craf.

Hi folks!
I erased with an immeasurable happiness my old and official web that was called, for long years, “artcraf.it”, this because my new life, my next life, will be without every type of dependencies:
no more cigarettes, no more collections of old dirty stuff, no more expensive subscriptions, no more cars, no more silly women, no more an expensive charming style, no more vintage instruments, because “vintage stuff” or collection in general, is an idiot celebration of a decadent unhuman ego system and also of a decadent capitalism. It’s time to change the path of this precious life. Nature and freaky things only. Freaky music folk.

The Unhuman Freak Folk age was already started when i recorded “The legend of Rufus Funk” and posted it like a free album downloadable (here).
Few years are passed from this release and finally i have found my definitive path in music: a sort of nomad style.
In italian “nomad” is “nomade” but in english this word become a miracle of the unhuman meaning: “no made”.
Well, after his longest carrer Dither Craf is become “a no made man”.
After my last decision to erase all dependencies that can make ugly, every human man.

Enjoy my music and my unhuman diary board for your joy.

Dither Craf

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